Pravin Anand Book Launch
Mumtaz and Taj Mahal Book Launch

An officer by profession, Pravin Anand’s interest in writing is not very new. He has been indulging himself in the creative sports of words and letters for a very long time. Since the days of his studies, he has been writing poetry and short stories. Majority of his works, published and unpublished, are for the readers who want to read something new and special. Pravin always thinks of associating his works with ideas, purpose and a definite path.

As an author, he wants to be known for his works that offer creative catharsis as well as a few fragments of thoughts beyond the fictional periphery of his literary creations. His latest work, Mumtaz and Taj Mahal, is being appreciated for the same. In this novel, which is historical fiction, Pravin has offered a vivid depiction of love that gave a monument like the Taj!

Right now, Pravin is working on several literary projects which will be out in the near future.

Books by Pravin Anand

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Mumtaz and Tajmahal