Books by Pravin Anand

Mumtaz and Tajmahal

Mumtaz and Taj Mahal:

This historical fiction takes the readers into the world of Mumtaz and Shahjahan. The story of their love and then, eventually, to the construction of Taj Mahal. Pravin has done very well in terms of bringing down a historical episode in the form of entertaining fiction and it will be very interesting for the readers. You can read this book by getting a copy from Amazon India. Here is the link to buy the book:

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Mars, Love and Breakup

Mars, Love and Breakup:

A science fiction which takes the readers to the heights of Mars and the world of space which is not very friendly for human beings. Dangers in the form of space dust, black hole, meteors and many other things come in the way of the four astronauts who take up the journey to Mars. And to make the novel further interesting, the novelist has added the twists of love stories which are shared by these four protagonists in space. Why did these four people leave their beloveds to take on a journey to Mars? What happened with them in the past? A very interesting novel that keeps the readers hooked till the end. You can get a copy of this novel by clicking the Amazon link below:

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I Love You More Than Anyone Else:

I Love You More Than Anyone Else is a love story by Pravin and it’s not a simple love story as many ones are published these days. Pravin has linked this novel to two major things in life – love and ambition. Three friends work on Plan 3 almost in every walk of their lives and it extends to love as well. Rajiv, Durga and Sanjay are these three friends. While Durga goes into politics and gets a ticket for Kanpur Loksabha, Rajiv falls in love with Sneha, a girl from different caste than her. Durga is on the radar of some supari killers and his life is in danger. GOD also plays a very important role in the lives of these three friends. How? When and Why? What’s this Plan 3 that helps them out always? Sneha, who goes into a coma, will meet again with Rajiv? Will Durga get his political ambitions fulfilled? Will Sanjay get his dream come to truth? A thrilling novel awaits you… get a copy from Amazon by clicking the link below:

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